Potential Personnel Consultancy is one of the fast growing & leading recruitment companies, we have experienced consultants, wide range of candidates for selection & advanced searching network that can help your recruitment become more efficiently & precisely.

Therefore, we are confident in dealing with all kinds of recruitment, such as Accounting, Finance, Merchandising & Purchasing, General Management, Design, Shipping, Engineering, Logistic, Warehouse, Administration, Human Resources, Clerical, Sales & Marketing, Information Technology, Quality Control, Customer Service, Retailing etc.

Besides, we offer you both the guarantee period of getting suitable candidates and a free trial period to ensure the quality of the candidates we provided. You can save costs of recruiting advertisement, time in short listing candidates, holding unfruitful interview and researching the update salary range for the positions.



因此,我們有信心在處理所有種類的招聘,如會計,財務,採購, 綜合管理,設計,工程,運輸,物流,倉務,行政,人力資源,文職,銷售及市場營銷,資訊技術,質量控制,客戶服務,零售等等。