1. The personal data collected by Potential Personnel Consultancy will be used for the purpose of recruitment process only.

  2. The only information we collect about you is the information that you supply to us through registration forms and any emails you send us.

  3. All such personal data will be treated in strict confidence. Personal data will be used by Potential Personnel Consultancy and may be transferred to our clients only after prescribed consent of the applicants.

  4. Under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have a right to request access to, and to request correction of your personal data in relation to your application.

  5. If you wish to exercise these rights, you may address or E-mail your data access or correction requests to us.
  1. 東立人事顧問將所有收集回來個人資料只用作招聘之用途.

  2. 東立人事顧問只會從您傳送給我們的申請表或電子郵件收集到關於您的資料.

  3. 所有收集到的資料將會保密, 東立人事顧問只會在申請人同意之下將其資料傳送到我們的客戶以作申請工作之用途.

  4. 根據個人資料 (私隱)條例, 您是有權利在任何時間要求查閱及更改有關您在申請工作上的個人資料.

  5. 如申請人想行使以上權利, 可以以書面或電子郵件發出資料存取或更正的要求給我們.