In China, we have an idiom about there are "Pak Lok" who have good judgements to spot "Long Distance Running Horse".

However there are far less numbers of "Pak Lok" than "Long Distance Running Horse". People always consider people with bright eyes assessor as "Pak Lok"; and consider superstar talent as "Long Distance Running Horse".
The above idioms will be explained as a number of superstar talents cannot be spotted and the consequence is that the talents capabilities are buried.

A global successful enterprise must have its own successful operational mission concept. And she has to deploy the suitable talents to put forward the mission concept exhaustively; the enterprise must understand the ideal talents should have the same vision as that of the enterprise's operation mission and synchronized success model. This will be the ideal situation for both of the enterprise and candidates.

Our company has the above concept and strives to seek the best capable talents for our customers. In the meantime, our company also provides a superior opportunity and synchronized success model for the excellent talents.





本公司也就是本著以上理念,為我們的客戶不斷發掘最佳、最勝任之人才, 也同時為優越之人才提供理想之優秀企業,同步成功。